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DevOps Workshop

The 1/2 Day Workshop is meant to familiarize you, as our customer, with Agile Software Delivery and DevOps. This workshop covers DevOps trends and practices that will lead to competitive wins. We hold our workshops on site for your convenience.

Our Partnership Approach:

We’ll choose product owners from your business teams to launch the up-to-date organizational process and infrastructure for DevOps adoption. At CirrusLabs, we collaborate with the best in the market to prepare your employees to be successful at implementing DevOps to the best of their abilities.

Desired Outcomes:

The desired outcomes for this workshop are to:

Raise awareness around the business opportunities that arise from adopting DevOpsMake.

Define and detail the impact and ROI that DevOps adoption offers.

90 Minute Session:

45 Minute Q&A (Discuss pain points in Operations, PMO, and Development)

45 Minute Q& A (Provide feedback on organization structure, and technical tool chain)


Describe the culture and practices around DevOps.

Deliberate the apprehensions of the clients that may become a barrier in adopting DevOps and hence limit success.

Expound upon the incentive the organizations have once they opt for DevOps

Tools for teams, from startup to enterprise

Atlassian provides the tools to help every team unleash their full potential.


At CirrusLab we have an extensive software background and depth of expertise across many developmental frameworks. This expertise helps in our assessments to provide insight into the use of your tools and processes for the best fit with your organization. Our assessments ensure that your Atlassian applications are configured optimally.


Cirrus Lab offers Atlassian training classes to help you make the most of your investment. From introductory level classes to advance JIRA administration, see how we can help!


As Atlassian Experts, Cirrrus Lab can help you manage all of your Atlassian licensing. Let us do the work to purchase new licenses, handle renewals, and manage upgrades.


Cirrus Lab offers a full set of Atlassian services including: licensing, configuration, installations, JIRA workflow customizations, JIRA Portfolio, plug-ins and more. If you need to install and configure JIRA, Confluence and other Atlassian products we can help evaluate your hardware needs, perform capacity planning, install, migrate or upgrade your products.

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