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Quality Engineering for Next-Gen Digital Transformation

Today enterprises are adopting Agile and DevOpsĀ  methodologies for software development. This has resulted in applications developing at a fast rate. That is good, but it is equally important for the testing team to catch-up with the speed of application development and delivery in order to align to new IT paradigm such as Cloud, Big Data and IoT. We offer testing tools, techniques and processes that add value to the business and ensures quality.



Continuous Testing is our Mantra

At CirrusLabs we embrace continuous testing that is much needed in an agile environment.

Legacy testing methods have not kept up and fall short with today’s agile, rapid application delivery model. By adopting continuous testing practices, we build the ability to test early, often, automatically, and continuously.

Shift Left to Leap Forward in This Digital Era

CirrusLabs also endorses Shift Left testing because precaution is better than cure. In Shift Left testing teams focuses on preventing defects at an early stage rather than finding them at a later stage. As a result, the project risk is reduced as there is less delay and avoids late stage defects that are expensive to fix.


Automate to Accelerate the Digital Speed

The changing methodologies bring change in mindset, tool set and skill set. Similarly in software industry automation has to evolve with changing development methodologies.

In today’s realm, automation is performed in parallel with development track especially in agile world. It is imperative to develop an automation model that is flexible, adaptable, and extensible to support Test-driven development, behavior driven, SCRUM, Agile-XP, etc.

Experience QA transformation with CirrusLabs tool agnostic, framework driven approach.


Our Pragmatic Approach

Traditional testing techniques may fall short of addressing the testing needs for the next-gen digital transformation areas like Agile, Cloud, Big Data, and IoT. Because of the remarkable speed of data processing, high volume, and high performance, there is a pressing need to have a varied approach for next-gen IT paradigm.

Big Data Testing

  • Expertise to test structured and unstructured data
  • Application to sample huge data
  • Specific set of skills to operate Big Data testing tool

Cloud Testing

  • Latency for quicker response
  • Security testing to address most prominent issue

IoT Testing

  • Security & connectivity testing for seamless connectivity
  • Interoperability testing after all its various IoT platforms, software & hardware that makes up IoT architecture
  • Real-time data testing to ensure updated data is pushed

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