Internet of Things

Disrupting the Industry Value Chain

Endless Oppurtunities with IoT.

With growing number of diverse range of devices, IoT connects virtually anything via the internet that can be switched on/off. IoT brings endless opportunities and challenges in this disruptive market. So to stay relevant in the IoT ecosystem enterprises are aggressively adopting IoT platform and technologies.

CirrusLabs specializes in delivering platform and technology agnostic solutions with power of the cloud and real-time analytics required to thrive in IoT space.

IoT – Agile Innovation

We believe the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is about realizing new business outcomes by enabling process automation, delivering new digital products, and through meanigful insights.

We focus on developing IoT applications that drive business outcomes by combining devices, data, and analytics to produce new business-relevant insights.

At the core of our IoT application strategy is a fit for purpose and vendor agnostic IoT platform which enables creation of core reusable components in an agile and lean development lifecycle.

Our approach towards disrupting business value chain

Business Agility

We help in faster time to market by leveraging our IoT expertise and build end-to-end solution.

Disruptive Technology

We build end-to-end IoT platform agnostic solution based on your business vision without vendor lock-in.

Our Focus

We concentrate on Leverage IoT partner ecosystem and user experience.

Your technology agnostic IoT partner

IoT Device Management

  • OTA Expertise
  • Future-proof design philosophy
  • Firmware release management
  • Building IoT Lab environment

IoT Middleware

  • Cost saving through Fog architecture
  • Fog Middleware services
  • Gateway interoperability

IoT Platform

  • Google and AWS expertise to connect IoT with the Cloud
  • Build vs buy platform decisions
  • Accelerated design-develop- deploy cycle

Platform Agnostic Solution

  • IOT Application Development
  • Testing (Load, Security)
  • Agile framework
  • Automation

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