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30 Day Proof of Concept

From nothing to a test infrastructure for your IoT needs in 30 days

End to End IoT Design

Rapid IoT prototyping and solution from opportunity assessment to a 30 day POC delivery

Cumulocity IoT

Simplicity, agility and rapid proof of value with a packaged IoT platform that grows with you

Professional Services 

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Rapid Prototyping Portfolio

Healthcare Mirror

The Magic Mirror Application demonstrates some of the main capabilities of CirrusLabs in the field of IoT and Data Analytics applications. It uses past and current data to predict future data using algorithms. It also has the capability to predict future results in real time using the past and current data sets

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance is the science of predicting failure in the machinery or the process before it occurs. This can help schedule maintenance ahead of time and minimize downtime due to repairs. We teach a machine to monitor its health using sensor and report back any anomalies. Using techniques of data analysis, changes can be detected in real-time using data recorded in a machine.

Healthcare Dashboard

This is an incorporation of IoT data from smart watches to process daily activity of both current and cumulative past data with Data Science. Application of machine learning algorithms to predict Risk for diabetes and body weight analysis. Also continuous monitoring and observation from large scale users of activity tracker to train models for high accuracies

IoT Starter Kit

Industrial grade monitoring of manufacturing equipment for vibration, temperature, and current flow. It is the process of selecting manufacturing grade sensors with necessary frequencies, data acquisition, Gateway (Edge processing and Cloud dispatch) and Internet of Things Platform to connect, monitor, and manage your machines.




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