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The Internet of Things is connecting people to the digital world every day, but it’s also connecting your business to your customers in real-time. Enabling IoT across your enterprise helps you achieve your business goals: keeping your competitive edge, reaching new markets, and engaging your existing customers through faster response time and more meaningful interactions. So the Smart Things driving IoT are really just Smart Business.

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Common Internet of Things Challenges


Enterprises just like you are racing towards IoT-enabled devices and applications for market growth. So, you’re ready to take the plunge, but you’re facing real challenges in-between saying yes to IoT and enabling IoT in your enterprise.

The challenge lies in the choices: The IoT Ecosystem is expanding every day, which means there are a lot of moving parts; and how do you integrate IoT into your intricate and complex business processes?

You don’t have the time to assess each of IoT’s moving parts. We understand that it’s difficult to come up with a viable strategy and then implement it…but no worries. At CirrusLabs, we’re highly motivated to meet your business needs around IoT- enablement because we’re startup-ambitious. We focus on understanding your goals; and then matching that with the IoT solution, architecture, and process that’s the best fit for your business.

Solve Your Internet of Things Challenges

Check out our IoT offerings to help you achieve your business goals: keeping your competitive edge, reaching new markets, and engaging your existing customers through faster response time and more meaningful interactions. We’ll help you reach those goals alongside a host of business benefits like improved: operational efficiency, business intelligence, and business transformation to more efficient and modern business processes.

Opportunity Assessment

Our industry consultants advise you on business opportunities within the Internet of Things. And we’ll build an IoT monetization strategy for how your business will leverage IoT for increased revenue and market growth.

End-to-End Solutions Design + Development

Our holistic view of the IoT Ecosystem will identify the best end-to-end solution for your business needs. And our embedded team of experts will handle development and device integration support.

IoT Management Solutions

We offer continuing support so you always get the most out of the Internet of Things:

  • Asset Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Business Process Management
  • Remote Monitoring

CirrusLabs IoT University

Our IoT University is a one-stop shop for team training, workshops, and e-courses to get yourself and your team certified.

Innovation Lab

Outsource your testing to our innovation lab including security testing, interoperability testing, and performance testing.

We’re the rare integrated end-to-end solutions provider. Most solutions companies are only there for the beginning of your journey into the Internet of Things. They want to consult and advise. But when it comes time to make the work happen…they’re gone. Our approach as an end-to-end integrated solution provider makes a real difference. From advising to solution design to development, we’re here for the whole process: start to finish.

Don’t worry about the complexities of IoT or all the potential applications for your business. We spend a lot of time cutting through the tech talk to have a conversation that makes sense to all departments involved in your IoT initiative. It’s a different experience with a much simpler, expert approach to technology. Unlike some of our larger competitors, you’ll actually enjoy working with us.

Experience the CirrusLabs Difference

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