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Team training at CirrusLabs offers teams the perfect opportunity to improve their performance and come together in an immersive, engaging and customized training session.

Agile Enterprise Training

Understanding and implementing Agile at your organization is a multi-step process that can be adapted to your unique business needs. Whether you’re on the path toward simply understanding the basics or you want to become an Agile master, we offer courses for all stages of your journey. Our Agile training help teams to learn and adapt to their roles in the Agile environment. Our certification courses focus your organization on fast delivery of business value.

Business Agility in Stages

Stage 1: Learning

At this stage, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of Agile, learn how it delivers value, and find out how you can collaborate effectively in an Agile organization. It’s where you gain your footing and learn the fundamentals necessary for you to start your journey. Our training is designed to be interactive and intuitive allowing for comprehensive knowledge.

Stage 2: Practicing

These courses are the next level of the agile journey in which you will gain the knowledge, tools and techniques needed to help you become more effective in your role. You already know the fundamentals; you are ready to take your Agile acumen up to the next level, with the baseline of success for the Scrum Master and Product Owner roles.

Stage 3: Advancing

Are for individuals striving to reach the top. You will not only gain the comprehensive knowledge and skills to truly excel at Agile, but also learn the techniques to facilitate and be an effective change manager within your organization. It’s the apex of Agile knowledge.

Stage 4: Scaled Agile (SAFe)

CirrusLabs encourages personal growth by offering a catalog of role-based courses and certifications. Knowledge workers attending Scaled Agile courses are able to customize their Lean-Agile career journey while avoiding limiting options of preset career models. Discover the myriad of certification options available with SAFe below.

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