CirrusLabs DevOps will ease the complex transformation journey

Break the Barrier

DevOps aims to unite software development and operations together by automating the processes. When focused on operations early in the development process, it allows developers to produce higher quality code.

High-performing organizations deploy 200 times more frequently, with 2,555 times faster lead times, recover 24 times faster, and have three times lower change failure rates. (Gartner)

Under the DevOps model, organizations deliver applications and services at

a faster pace. This speed enables organizations to exceed their profitability, increase reliability, market share and productivity goals. CirrusLabs DevOps offering will ease the complex journey

We provide tool agnostic approach for that perfect handshake between dev and ops. Ultimately this results in faster delivery, greater market differentiation, more efficient teams, reduced risk and a better software. All whilst maintaining high-quality product and professionalism.

Your Technology Agnostic IoT Partner:

E2E Lean Agile Delivery

  • TCO, Quality, Time to Market
  • Delivered as Service

Zero Risk Adoption

  • Assisted- Agile & DevOps Coaching
  • Enriched, Full Automation

No Additional Licensing Cost

  • Plug and Play Architecture
  • Industry Standard Automation

Accelerate Application Development

Provide one click capability to developers for faster deployments and rapid delivery.

Rapid Deployment Infrastructure

On-premise, private or public cloud

Enable Digital Speed for Transformation

Building disruptive business model capabilities to innovate faster

CirrusLabs helps prepare your team for a culture change required for successful DevOps adoption. We lay foundation for high-performing DevOps teams, here is how we do it:

  • Current state assessment- People, Process & Tools for the desired culture change
  • Simple, scale-able, adaptable, and agnostic approach for automation and orchestration
  • Agile Software Delivery- Following agile methodologies
  • Workshops- Educating teams through workshops on DevOps

Our Specialized Offerings

A continuous integration and deployment pipeline (CI/CD) is vital for a software project. While it saves a lot of manual, error-prone deployment work, it also produces high quality software that is a result of continuous integration, and automated tests.

Our specialization is not only in building pipelines for all open source technologies and building API strategy for DevOps but also for third-party products such as Pega, Manhattan etc.

Our strengths and core expertise in cloud technologies enables us to help our customers in building and deploying complex cloud application and orchestration in any clou (AWS, GCP or Azure)

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