With CirrusLabs cloud services you will experience a smooth transition. Our cloud services aim to minimize IT-infrastructure costs, and lets you to focus on core business.

Big Step Towards Modernization-Cloud Adoption and Migration

Cloud computing has rapidly evolved. Enterprises are adopting the next generation infrastructure evolution to stay ahead in the disruptive market. The cloud adoption comes with set of challenges; biggest challenge is the adoption process itself. CirrusLabs offers industry standard cloud adoption and orchestration services.

Whether you’re moving to a private, public, or hybrid cloud environment, CirrusLabs brings expertise from market leaders and partners such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Red Hat to offer secure and reliable cloud adoption.

The professionals at CirrusLabs are certified subject matter experts in cloud technology. They are assessed prior to deployment. As a result, our clients get the highest caliber resources in the IT market.

Cloud Strategy Building Blocks Articulated

We follow a four step course of action to achieve a successful Cloud Migration

Formulate Cloud Strategy:

We work with organizations to understand how they want to utilize the cloud and formulate the cloud strategy based on the understanding.

Cloud Readiness Assessment:

We evaluate an organization’s existing applications and software delivery processes so that they are cloud ready.

First Cloud Connection:

This step ensures the technology and processes are in place for a smooth transition. This includes network connections, governance, models, security, and key processes for managing the cloud.

Application Migration:

Here we migrate your applications to the cloud, either a proof of concept is shared or migration is completely managed by us.

Break Them into Silos for Effective Cloud Adoption & Migration

CirrusLabs believes in breaking down the complex cloud journey into silos to effectively achieve the goals. Every silo adheres to the organization’s cloud vision. This ensures small wins and gradually accounts to the success of cloud adoption. This is how we do it:

Planning: We perform a complete assessment to build ROI driven road map and cloud adoption business case

Design: Define building blocks of cloud solution. We take a Self Service Catalog approach to automating routine business tasks involved in your 


Migration: With Automated Live Migration service, we protect your workloads. We have disaster recovery in place to ensure no data loss or downtime effecting your business. 

Implementation: Cloud reference implementation, governance and security, monitoring and support model, feedback, metrics, strategy evaluation.

Integration: Integration of cloud management tools to Applications Lifecycle Management

Our aim is to minimize IT-infrastructure costs, while you move applications to the cloud.




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