Big Data Analytics

CirrusLabs assists customers to seamlessly integrate disparate legacy IT infrastructure with big data technologies to inspire business policies and decisions.

Empower Business Decisions with Meaningful Data and Insights

With the advent of IoT (Internet of Things), data is growing exponentially. As of 2012, everyday 2.5 exabytes of data are generated daily. Big Data presents huge potential value, waiting to be unlocked.

CirrusLabs's Big Data Analytics platform enables businesses to successfully extract and capitalize the value from Big Data. We have a Big Data and Analytics lab dedicated for capability and solution building that makes Big Data processing time efficient and cost effective.

To transform Big Data infrastructure and to develop disruptive solutions, We work with elite companies in the industry. The solutions we offer have reduced downtime, that is because of the automation and fast-processing capabilities that are tightly coupled.

Many big enterprises have empowered their business policies and decisions by extracting the value from Big Data.
Have you ?

Legacy systems may fall short in addressing the bigger challenge with Big Data analytics that is the technology itself.

Let CirrusLabs help you with legacy transformation.

The traditional software development model lacks the processing power and sophistication to access and organize Big Data in reasonable time frames and cost.

Boost the data processing power and speed through our expertise in disruptive tools.

Your Futuristic Big Data Analytics Partner is here

CirrusLabs assists customers to seamlessly integrate disparate legacy IT infrastructure with big data technologies to stay ahead in the competition.

Our Big Data service helps your organization make:

  • Data processing more achievable.

  • Data processing On-premise or Cloud.

  • Create an automation framework for your Big Data infrastructure.

  • Leverage the latest technologies and analytics tools to extract the most value from your data.

We have a pool of seasoned resources including:

  • Data Architects.

  • Data Scientists.

  • Domain Experts.

Our experts uses Big Data analytics best practices, Technology & Expertise in Machine Learning, Data Science, Agile Infrastructure Delivery and Consulting to empower business decisions with insights.

Our focus is to enable customers understand their data and help them provide best in class service to their end customers.

Our engineering focus areas of expertise are:

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

We focus on advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities that drive automated actions based on insights.

Data Science

Data Science

Apply methods and processes to extract insights from raw data that will tell you which customer is most likely to buy your products.


Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analysis

Analyses existing data and gives you predictions about the future.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection

We offer automated anomaly detection that can be leveraged to increase accuracy by removing unwanted anomalous data from the datasets.

Looking to address your big data analytics transformation needs?

We got you covered as your next generation transformation Partner

Be it on-premise or cloud, we assists you in:

  • Creating efficient big data strategies.

  • Integrating disparate legacy IT infrastructure with big data technologies.

With our machine learning and data science capabilities you can:

  • Skillfully carry out predictive analytics.

  • Incorporate with data-driven decisions.

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