Agile Delivery Services

CirrusLabs makes business transformation to Agile very agile!

Evolution on Agile Delivery Services

Evolution is an integral part of human life that brings about innovation. An evolving IT industry continually innovates.

Today’s software companies are evolving using agile methodology to develop and deliver software products and services expeditiously.

USP of Agile Development

Accelerate the delivery through a process of continuous planning and feedback with the much-needed agility of this digital era.

Escape velocity for the business transformation

According to Gartner’s report, businesses across the globe are increasingly moving to agile development to:

  • Speed up projects.
  • To transform IT business.
  • Bring positive impact on IT value delivery.

Are you amongst them? OR Not ready for the culture change and to take the road to agile?

Well, then let CirrusLabs help you in considering when and how to move to agile while keeping intact core business values.

Our agile experts will analyze your business and advise how to phase in various modifications for a successful business transformation.

CirrusLabs brings maturity to the businesses already in agile.

Our consultants certified experts will guide the team to scale in agile.

Pull of the escape velocity required your business transformation with us.

When it comes to Agile, think CirrusLabs

Whether you are a software product company or a software service company, CirrusLabs makes business transformation to Agile very agile!

CirrusLabs assists customers in:

Driving agile business transformation through

  • IP based assessment.
  • Coaching and Training.

Our experts are certified in:

  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).
  • ICAgile.
  • Scrum Alliance.

From waterfall to agile, CirrusLabs assists you in:

  • Guiding through the journey of culture change.

  • Scaling agile by applying agile strategies to small - large project.

  • Adopting advance agility.

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